from temecula to thailand through my lens


lupine bee

the big red fest took place on the de portola wine trai. while visiting leoness cellars, i saw several honey bees amidst the lupine.



i’ve been remiss in posting here for quite some time. at bella vista winery in temecula yesterday, i captured this shot and wanted to share it with you.



the weather was idyllic during last week’s visit to napa. it was crisp and sunny and two ducks enjoyed a leisurely swim along the napa river.

napa river

napa river

i visited napa and for the first time spent the majority of my time in downtown napa. it’s a vibrant place and one you should consider adding to your radar next time you head there.

Napa River

snail in paradise

while walking out to fetch the morning papers, i spied a baby snail atop a newly opened bird of paradise.

bird of paradise

view from high

driving down the mountain from idyllwild, i pulled over to shoot the view of the temecula valley from above. it couldn’t have been a prettier day.


i don’t see too many of these, but when i do they’re spectacular. it looks like three more are getting ready to open behind this one.


i walked out this morning and saw a praying mantis on the walkway in frontof the house. the shadows made him (her?) look quite fierce.

praying mantis

mountain angel

i visited the diamond d ranch in the mountains of idaho earlier this year. there’s a tiny chapel on the property with an angel right outside.


electric sky

late summer weather has been unusual in southern california. Lightning and thunder and humidity has created a few spectacular sunsets.