from temecula to thailand through my lens

photo of the day



i’ve been remiss in posting here for quite some time. at bella vista winery in temecula yesterday, i captured this shot and wanted to share it with you.


jet trails

yesterday was a beautiful, crisp winter day in temecula wine country. i took this shot from the patio at leonesse cellars.


we visited the napa valley on the day before thanksgiving and our first stop was at araujo estates, home to eisele vineyards. milt and barbara eisele were family friends and visiting stirred up some find memories.

christmas lights at red hawk

we took brewen’s empire trolley’s holiday lights tour last night, stopping in harveston, red hawk and at an amazing home off los alamos road. this is the home in red hawk.


we honeymooned in the san juan islands a year ago july. it truly is god’s country. it’s a wonderful place to slow down and enjoy life.

alabama flower

i took a golf cart tour of the hugh s. branyon  backcountry trail in orange beach, alabama. an earlier group had spotted alligators and snakes, but i was content with he foliage i saw.

red geranium

marcelo and zulma doffo held a polenta party for their wine club members yesterday, pouring polenta onto a long table which guests ate without plates. while there, i captured this shot of a geranium.

light in the window

the magnolia springs bed and breakfast is a charming inn in alabama. when i visited it was a gray day with periods of sprinkle, but the inn was cozy and i loved the light in the upstairs window.

sunset at sea

aboard holland america’s me eurodam this past january, i shot the sunset while we were sailing to our first port of call.

bird of paradise

after 34 years at glen ivy hot springs, john gray is moving on.  a group of his co-workers and friends gathered to wish him well. the grounds at glen ivy are beautiful and it was a crystal clear day.

lavender & vines

through the kitchen window of a home overlooking temecula’s keyways winery, i was captivated by the gorgeous lavender in front of the vineyards.

plazuela de la rogativa

I enjoyed strolling through old san juan, puerto rico this past january immensely. in the plazuela de la rogativa stand four statues by lindsay daen dating back to the 18th century.

hungover frosty

i suppose even snowmen get the blues. it looks to me like frosty may have tied one on.


before visiting the far east, i thought water lilies came in only one color – white. i saw this pink lily in ubud, bali, as well as some breathtaking blue ones.

last one standing

fall is beginning to transition to winter. there are more cloudy days and it’s significantly cool. one brave soldier was still hanging on in my backyard.

it’s beginning to look a lot like…

’tis the season and if you’re neighborhood is anything like ours, it’s getting prettier every evening.

keeping it local

i have become focused on supporting local business. when i have a choice between patronizing a franchise or a local “mom and pop”, i take the local option every time. in the near future, i’ll be launching our latest website, “why local matters”.

after the rains

a rainy day in the temecula left puddles galore: the perfect place to capture reflections of sky and clouds. this was in the parking lot of oak mountain winery.

puerto vallarta cathedral

in the heart of puerto vallarta sits a majestic cathedral. i first visited the city more than forty years ago and its beauty grabs me each time.

farm fresh

after returning from the napa valley and san francisco, we paid a visit to the old town temecula farmers market. i love seeing all the fresh goods and buying them from those who grow them.

red swing

budge brown lost his wife to breast cancer and decided to do something about it. he started cleavage creek vineyards and donates 10% of sales to breast cancer research. it was a crisp, clear autumn day when we visited.

eisele vineyards

my family and the eisele family have been friends for decades. milton and barbara eisiele owned and operated eisele vineyards, growing some of the finest cabernet grapes anywhere before selling the property to bart and daphne araujo. i was able to visit this past wednesday and the colors were stunning.


we visited casa nuestra winery in st. helena, which proclaims itself dog and goat friendly. meet nava.

napa gold

this is such an extraordinary time to visit the napa valley. the air is crisp and clean and the colors are vivid. this is what venge vineyards looked like yesterday.