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baja dawn

i love the area between rosarito beach and ensenada. i shot this early in the morning in 2007.

baja morning sky

in december 2008 we spent christmas week just south of rosarito beach in baja california, mexico. i just love waking up there.

baja coast

two days before christmas a winter storm that had dumped several inches of rain on southern california was breaking up. i shot this about an hour prior to sunset.

valle de guadalupe

we spent christmas week near rosarito beach and on thursday paid a visit to the valle de guadalupe to do some wine tasting. the storm that brought so much rain was breaking up, and the vines looked their wintry best.

bird of paradise

there are few flowers prettier than the bird of paradise in my opinion. we saw hundreds of them at club marena south of rosarito beach in baja california, mexico.

fire and ice

we have spent five wonderful days visiting the rosarito beach and valle de guadalupe areas of baja. the ice plant here is stunning.


as the torrential rainstorms were breaking up, the sky was magnificent. a few clouds, heavy surf and a lone seagull off of rosarito beach, baja california.

jesus of baja

overlooking el morro in baja, california just south of rosarito beach stands a 75 foot tall statue of jesus.

jesus of baja

baja sunrise

we spent last christmas in baja california, mexico near rosarito beach. the weather was perfect and i just love being up to watch the sunrise.

baja sunrise

a wise man

ken kesson lives in baja california, mexico. he has traveled to more places than anyone else i know and is perhaps the most interesting person i know. he is also the youngest septuagenarian i know.

k kesson

olives and peppers in baja

i lived in baja california, mexico about an hour south of san diego for two years. i still love visiting the area. this was taken last december at a roadside stand near la bufadora, the famed blowhole south of ensenada.

peppers & olives