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fair maiden

i visited briar rose winery in temecula yesterday and asked dorian linkogle about the maiden in their garden. she told me she’s there in honor of her mother, mary adams, and every time she walks past she thinks about her mom.

just a little respect

the sign 0n the fence at temecula’s briar rose winery says it all…

tending the roses

as you walk into the courtyard at temecula’s briar rose winery, you’ll see this young woman taking special care of her rose garden. as you can see, they respond to her touch.

orchid tree

briar rose winery in temecula not only has snow white’s cottage, they also have an orchid tree. i’ve never seen one before. it’s worth a visit.

orchid 2

orchid tree

while visiting briar rose winery in temecula, owner les linkogle asked me if i had ever seen an orchid tree. when i told him no, he took me to this magnificent tree laden with the most beautiful flowers.

orchid tree