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tropicana costumes

in 2006, i took in a show at the tropicana just outside havana. it was a throwback to an earlier time, and certainly conjured up images of ricky ricardo.

havana dawn

i first visited cuba in 2003. havana is a vibrant city, filled with contrasts. the people are warm and friendly, there’s music everywhere and you get the feeling you’ve stepped back in time.

catedral at sunset

old havana is a vibrant area. its cathedral is stunning. i took this shot at dusk.

steeples in habana vieja

old havana is a vibrant city, filled with color, music and wonderful smells. here are a few of the church steeples that offer a glimpse into the city’s past grandeur.

sunrise in havana

on my first visit to cuba, i watched the sun rise over the ocean. the hotel nacional is on the left.


havana is a city of stark contrasts. i took this shot in old havana, where you will see paint peeling off buildings and in the same block the most modern and beautiful restaurants.

old havana alley

visiting havana is an amazing experience. when you’re in old havana it feels as if you have stepped fifty years back in time.

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happy new year

in 2006, i celebrated new year’s in havana, cuba. driving back to our hotel on january 1st, we saw a fireworks show that lasted at least 30 minutes. it was a great way to start a new year.

happy new year

havana by night

in august we visited the fort overlooking havana to witness the cannon ceremony. here’s a shot of the city from the fort.

havana by night


this past august, the cathedral in old havana at dusk.


la habana vieja

old havana is one of the most vibrant cities i have had to opportunity to visit. you almost feel as if you have stepped back in time fifty years or more.

habana vieja

catedral de la habana

construction on the cathedral in old havana was begun in 1748. it is truly a magnificent structure.


el canonosa

every night at 9, a ceremony at the old fort overlooking havana concludes with the firing of a canon to signify the port is closed.

canon habana vieja

la habana vieja

my birthday is new year’s eve and i spent it in havana in 2006. There is music on virtually every street corner, and it’s wonderful. so much heart.


cuba libre

i’ve been fortunate enough to visit cuba three times. the people, the music, the food – it’s a magical place. this was shot in havana on my first visit inm 2001.

cuba libre