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kauai hibiscus

kauai has some of the loveliest flowers i’ve seen. i shot this in 2004 shortly after a rain shower.

bet you can't see me

i did see the little fellow on a trip to kauai several years ago. nature provides amazing camouflage.

bet you cant see me sm

kauai from above

on a stormy day in 2004, i climbed into a helicopter without doors on the south shore of kauai and spent an amazing two hour flight capped off by a picnic at the base of a waterfall.

looking down

sunrise on kauai

this shot was taken five years ago on kauai’s east shore. i remember the sunrise unfolding for what seemed like an eternity. simply breathtaking.


sunrise on kauai

i love kauai and i’m a real sucker for sunrises. i like to go out while it’s still dark and watch as it all unfolds.

kauai sunrise tree

redhead in kauai

i saw this magnificent bird on the north shore of kauai in 2003. i love the pose. i’ve since learned it’s a brazilian cardinal.