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in 2005 i visited negril, jamiaca with a groups of little feat fans. i also found time to photograph some of the local beauty.

spider lily

one of my favorite flowers. there’s one called a spider lily in hawaii that looks totally different. i shot this in negril, jamaica almost six years ago.

the glow

i’ve had the good fortune to be on stage while little feat performs on several occasions. you get an entirely different view. this is fred tackett at margaritaville in negril, jamaica looking out at the audience.

jamaican window

i went on a photographic field trip outside negril, jamaica a few years back. we stopped at an old fort and lighthouse and i thought this window in the ruins of a building was gorgeous.

pretty in pink

i’ve gone to jamaica in january every year but one since 2004. i took this shot this past january in negril.

pretty in pink

keeping time

fred tackett of little feat keeps time by rocking back and forth from one foot to the other. i took this shot at jimmy buffet’s margaritaville in negril, jamaica a few years ago.

one foot fred

jamaican daisy

on a trip to negril, jamaica a few years back, a group of friends got together to explore the country and take some photos. i’m not sure if this is a daisy, but i like the softness and light in this shot.


jamaican foliage

it’s always a pleasure to get together with fellow photographers and take some shots. i was with a group of about six people a few years ago in negril, jamaica.

brown against green

jamaican field trip

while visiting negril, jamaica in 2006, a group of us went out to explore the countryside and take some photos. we saw these students on a field trip at a park.

field trip

jamaican leaves

in negril, jamaica earlier this year, i saw one dead leaf in the midst of flourishing green vines. i loved the contrast.

green and brown

ken gradney

this past january we were in negril, jamaica for little feat‘s fan excursion. bass player kenny gradney is one of the most photogenic people i know.